The #1 desktop app to manage your serverless and container infrastructure, both locally and in the cloud.

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How Commandeer Helps You

Faster Ramp-up Time

Decrease ramp-up time for new developers from weeks to hours. Have your team all be on the same page from day 1.

Increase Your Team Velocity

When your whole team knows your system, your velocity goes through the roof. Your developers can really go full stack, creating their infrastructure through code like never before.

Visualize Your System

For the first time ever, visualize your entire system on something other than a whiteboard. With a living, breathing system from both a birds-eye and deep-dive view, you can explain and understand your system like never before.

Usage Analytics

Understand the parts of the system your developers spend the most time on. Make resource allocation and project estimates a snap.

Total Comfort & Control

Built from the ground-up for container and serverless management. Right-click context menus, tree-view navigation, deep-link breadcrumbs, and shortcut keys.

Better Productivity

Do repetitive tasks in seconds rather than minutes. Navigate through your whole system as quickly as you scroll through a social media feed. Instantly search all your resources.

Pillar 1

View your data

View all your data in one location. Your DynamoDB records, S3 files, Postgres data, Algolia Indexes, CloudWatch Logs and more all from the same location. Edit text files, preview images, gifs, videos, and audio files in S3. Search, view and edit your DynamoDB, Algolia, and Postgres data.

Pillar 2

Deploy your IaC

Deploy your infrastructure as code anywhere. Run, edit, and view the results of your IAC code execution using the tools your team already uses. Configure your environment variables and settings for different accounts for each runner. Ability to deploy to LocalStack and AWS.

Pillar 3

Test your plumbing

Visualize your code and all the connections in between. Invoke lambdas and view the resulting CloudWatch Logs instantly. Test your connections between S3, DynamoDB Streams, SNS, SQS and the connected Lambda and view the resulting logs. View and export ER diagrams for Algolia and DynamoDB. View and export System diagrams showing connections between S3, DynamoDB, Lambda, CloudWatch Logs, CloudWatch Alarms, and Docker.


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