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DynamoDB GUI You Always Wanted

Beautiful Ergonomic UI

We’re developers and developer productivity matters. Manage your DynamoDB tables and data from a beautifully designed and efficient UI effortlessly. We thought of every use-case and simplified the user experience down to its basics.

LocalStack or AWS, Works the Same Way

No need to switch between a terminal, AWS Console, or some other third-party apps. Commandeer has a clear and consistent UI to manage your data locally or in the cloud.

Streamlined Table Creation and Management

What was that option again? What should I choose for this or that setting? How can I change it later? Commandeer helps you deal with all this complexity by intelligently specifying the defaults for your table creation. If you need to dive deeper into different options for your tables, you can easily change them later.

Import Data

Just drag and drop your CSV or JSON, we’ll import it into your table. It’s that easy.

Download Data

Download all table data, a current page, in CSV or JSON with a single button click.

Truncate Tables

Need to clear the table for testing? It’s done with a single button click in Commandeer too. We’ll ask you to confirm it just in case.

View and Search Your Data

Get some deep insights into your data. Starting from some high-level charts and table statistics to giving you the ability to edit each individual record, Commandeer got it covered. Filter your tables, search by attributes with real-time data highlighting, add or edit your data as code from a full-featured editor.

Visualize and Test Your Lambda Stream Connections

Enable or disable your DynamoDB streams. See which tables are connected to which Lambdas. Best of all, test your connections with Dynamo Stream Tester to make sure the data flows through flawlessly.

Scan All Regions For Tables

Did you know that you get charged per each table regardless of whether you use it or not? Worry not, Dynamo Region Scanner tells you exactly how many Dynamo tables you have in each region with a single button click.


In-place Editing

Quickly search and edit your data in a beautiful, easy to use interface.


ER and System Diagrams

Visualize your DynamoDB like never before. View your tables, columns, connected Lambdas, CloudWatch Logs, and CloudWatch alarms all in a simple and intuitive interface.


Upload and Download

Drag and drop csv or json files into your tables. Download your complete table or a page at a time into json or csv.


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