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Manage and view your LocalStack system the same way you manage your AWS Cloud system.

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Manage LocalStack like never before

Save Time

Mocking your system with LocalStack means you can build, run unit tests, and code faster.

Save Money

Using LocalStack means you aren’t paying AWS costs. On teams large and small you can save real money quickly.

Work Offline

Because LocalStack runs on your machine, you can even work without an internet connection.

Docker Integration

Under the hood, we manage LocalStack via docker, so you can always stay on the latest version.

Code Works Everywhere

Being able to build and test your system locally as you code, you can be assured that it will work once pushed to the AWS Cloud.

UI for the Ages

Whether is is viewing animated gif’s on S3, detailed records in DynamoDB, or logs in CloudWatch logs, now you can view them the same way on LocalStack and AWS.

Sophisticated Testing

Turn individual service, like S3, on or off, to run system outage tests. The ability to control each service you use gives you all the power

Works with IaC

Deploy your infrastructure to LocalStack the same way as you do to the cloud.

Instant Switching

Switch between your LocalStack and multiple AWS Development environments instantly.

Seamless Integration

LocalStack in 3, 2, 1

Instantly turn LocalStack on or off from the comfort of the Commandeer UI. No setup required.

Get Low

Terminal Results

You can still view all the low-level LocalStack information in the terminal. With deep Docker integration, you can always stay up-to-date or lock in a specific version of LocalStack for your needs.

Total Access

View all your Data

View all your S3 buckets & files, DynamoDB records, CloudWatch logs, Lambda functions, SNS Topics, SQS Queues, and much more all in one location.

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LocalStack + Commandeer, like Peanut Butter & Jelly

"Bringing the cloud home to every developer's local system is our passion. The Commandeer team is on that same wavelength."

Lead contributor to LocalStack (Head of Engineering - Zurich Insurance)

Waldemar Hummer

Lead contributor to LocalStack (Head of Engineering - Zurich Insurance)


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