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The #1 Serverless Framework IDE to code, manage, and deploy your Serverless IaC code locally and to the cloud.

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Deploying Serverless Framework to LocalStack


Code, manage, and deploy your IaC Code


Save your environment variables and other settings per account and instantly switch between different deploys.

Test First

IaC code is still code, so getting it working perfectly before committing it is important. Run locally or against your dev cloud, and be sure your next commit is going to work on prod.

AWS Support

Deploy your code to AWS and you can view all the resources from Commandeer too.

Local Support

Deploy your IaC code to Localstack and view those resources the same way you view them on AWS.

Save Time

Because you can set your settings for local and development just once, you can test out deploys to any environment instantly.

Deploy Instantly

Hit the run button, and you are deploying your code. It’s really that simple.

Summarized Results

View your output in an easy to read way. You can still watch the terminal results, but now you can see summaries at a glance.

Write Once

Coding Editor

A world-class IDE to code your Serverless yml in the same place you deploy from. No more bouncing between your IDE and terminal.

Take Control

Manage It

Manage all Serverless settings, file paths, and environment variables per environment and/or project. For instance your local, development, and staging environments can all be configured as separate accounts with different variables for each.

Blast Off

Deploy It

Deploy your Serverless code to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud or LocalStack. View your resulting services on AWS and LocalStack and even compare the results with past runs.


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