Introducing Lambda Logs

View your Lambda Invocation Logs and test invoke your lambdas from a dedicated Mac App

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Manage your Lambdas like never before

Save Time

Check out your logs of your lambda invocations as they happen.

Instant Switching

Switch between your LocalStack and multiple AWS Development environments instantly.

Work Offline

Because LocalStack runs on your machine, you can even work without an internet connection.

From your Mac

Get the niceties of a true SwiftUI Mac app

See Invocations

See your recent invocations instantly and monitor if the 🙌 succeeded or failed 💀.

Sophisticated Testing

Invoke your lambdas and view the payload and logs instantly.

Show me what you got

All your Lambdas

Instantly view and search your lambdas across many AWS environments as well as LocalStack.

Check the tape

View Invocation Logs

View the CloudWatch Logs of past invocations to see what is going wrong in your Lambda.

Testing, testing, 123

Invoke Lambda

Test you lambdas and immediately see the resulting payload as well as CloudWatch Logs